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Yoga is a wonderful addition to your normal activities! Yoga will keep your muscles strong and stretched.  It helps maintain balanced strength in your body.  It also helps keep your mind calm and peaceful.  Those of us at Yoga for Wellness truly believe there is no better way to begin or end your day than with an uplifting and nurturing yoga practice.

Yoga is a physical practice that connects the body, mind, and spirit.  It relaxes your muscles and releases tension while increasing your flexibility, muscular strength, and body coordination.  You will experience increased agility, renewed energy, and reduced stress.

Men and women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome at our studio.  We are located in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains alongside Elk Creek in Conifer, just a short drive away from Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.  The only criteria for participation is a belief in "Yoga for Wellness"

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Our yoga classes are designed to tone and shape all the major muscle groups of the body.  We avoid high impact to your joints and skeletal structures to bring you increased strength without the stresses that could aggravate or cause injury.  Stronger lean muscles help you feel better in everyday life and help maintain balance and coordination.

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Think of the body as a "whole" that needs overall flexibility and agility. Through a combination of isometric exercises and controlled stretching movements, we loosen tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

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Find yourself reinvigorated and ready to tackle the numerous outdoor recreational activities that make mountain living so rewarding.  You'll find increased energy for daily life, hiking, cross country skiing, camping, rock climbing, kayaking and more.

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Our classes teach you to focus your mind on each muscle group both physically and mentally.  The uniting of the mind and the body reduces daily stress and relaxes the mind.

Labor Day Schedule

We'll be closed on Labor Day (9/2/13). Enjoy the holidays!

Pilates on the Reformer

We are pleased to offer affordable private and semi-private (2 people) instruction on the Pilates Reformer and other equipment. Sessions are approximately 1 hour and are offered throughout the week including weekends.
Please call Debbie at 720-933-6452 for information and available appointment times.

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